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100% Pure Essential Oils Complete Set of 6

Complete set of six (6) 100% Pure Essential Oils for those who    si..

₱7,630.00 Ex Tax: ₱7,630.00

100% Pure Essential Oils Starter Set of 3

Three (3) basic 100% Pure Essential Oils for those who may want to keep stock ..

₱3,815.00 Ex Tax: ₱3,815.00

Essential Oil Carrying Case

Conveniently carry the FAVORI (6) Essential Oil variants together with two (2) Roller Bott..

₱490.00 Ex Tax: ₱490.00


DECONGESTION TREATMENTIts warming effect is great for relieving aches and pains while its sharp arom..

₱1,130.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,130.00

Inhalation Stick


₱90.00 Ex Tax: ₱90.00


STRESS RELIEFand promote restful sleep. Its soothing effects also make it an effective skin t..

₱1,415.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,415.00


MOOD ENHANCERIts properties are found to be antiseptic, astringent, bacteriostatic, and rejuvinating..

₱1,130.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,130.00


MENTAL ALERTNESSeffective remedy for muscular pains and headaches, and also acts as a very go..

₱1,270.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,270.00

Roller Bottles

Comes with a generic sticker where one can write their Essential Oil and Carrier Oil blend..

₱90.00 Ex Tax: ₱90.00

Roman Chamomile

CALMING EFFECT Endowed with an overall calming effect for stressed mind and tensed body. T..

₱1,415.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,415.00

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Essential Oils need to be diluted in Carrier Oils or Base Oils.  Known for its great moisturizi..

₱490.00 Ex Tax: ₱490.00

Tea Tree

HEALING AGENTinfection. It also has strong deodorizing action and is a very popular ingredien..

₱1,270.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,270.00