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Berry Kiss (AD)

Delight in the sweet scent of berries with Berry Kiss, a playful and romantic scent perfect for ..

₱150.00 Ex Tax: ₱150.00

Bouquet Floral (AD)

Relish that feeling of falling in love with this sweet floral fragrance. Create a romantic ..

₱150.00 Ex Tax: ₱150.00

Cherry Blossoms (AD)

Take a whiff of this alluring scent from the most celebrated flower in Japan. Let the soft flora..

₱150.00 Ex Tax: ₱150.00

Cranberry Wine (AD)

A sharp and tart fragrance which perfectly blooms in fullness. Bring back the cheerful holiday spi..

₱200.00 Ex Tax: ₱200.00

Ginger Flower (AD)

Awaken your passionate spirit with an exotic floral fragrance. Find your space defined with th..

₱150.00 Ex Tax: ₱150.00