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Baby Touch - Gentle (BR)

A clean and fresh baby powder scent with a hint of floral notes, Baby Touch brings back childhood me..

Citronella (BR)

     Induce a happy and fresh feeling with this natural insect repellant scen..

Jasmine (BR)

                    Associated with the "sacra..

Lavender (BR)

                    A calming effect that do..

Magnolia Bloom (BR)

                    A classic scent from the..

Olive Branch (BR)

Make peace with inner turmoils with this nurturing scent. Olive Branch is a prized Mediterranean f..

Peppermint (BR)

While it cools  you down, the aroma of peppermint promotes vigor and mental alertness. R..

Sea Breeze (BR)

One of our best sellers. Hold on to summer and nautical memories with a wave of serenity in a cl..

Vanilla (BR)

                    Soothingly warm, this fr..