Create your favorite feeling by taking the time to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate your senses with FAVORI's Wellness Products, the Wellness Salves--only the first of many products that we have handcrafted just for you because we care.

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Eucalyptus Massage Oil

Awaken your senses and feel re-energized when you use the FAVORI Eucalyptus Massage Oil, a light yet..

₱290.00 Ex Tax: ₱290.00

Lavender Massage Oil

Experience the soothing effect of the FAVORI Lavender Massage Oil, a calming scent designed to take ..

₱290.00 Ex Tax: ₱290.00

Sleep and Relaxation Salve

Fall asleep with ease and enjoy the benefits of a deep and rested slumber with the FAVORI Sleep and ..

₱290.00 Ex Tax: ₱290.00

Yoga and Meditation Salve

Improve your focus with the FAVORI Yoga and Meditation Salve, a soothing balm that is light to the s..

₱290.00 Ex Tax: ₱290.00