Trial size version of FAVORI Reed Diffusers
Comes in all existing scent variants
Available in 50ml frosted white bottles

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Blissful Essence (RD)

A light and comforting scent that brings all that makes you happy rise up to the surface. Mood:..

Oriental Delight (RD)

A mix of floral fragrances that lets you escape to exotic destinations.Mood: Escape ..

Passion Fire (RD)

A bold herbaceous scent that inspires adventure for your wandering feet and soul.Mood: Bol..

Quaint Town (RD)

An attractive aroma reminiscent of wandering around a charming old town.Mood: Attractive ..

Sunset Bay (RD)

A vibrant scent that makes us feel alive for that new day to come. Mood: Alive ..

Warm Sunshine (RD)

A scent that will lift your mood so you see and enjoy the brilliance of life Mood: Bril..

Apple Verde (RD)

For those who like the scent of green apples and can’t make it to the boondocks, this will help impr..

Baby Touch - Gentle (RD)

A clean and fresh baby powder scent with a hint of floral notes, Baby Touch brings back childhood me..

Berry Kiss (RD)

Delight in the sweet scent of berries with Berry Kiss, a playful and romantic scent perfect for..

Bouquet Floral - Romantic (RD)

Relish that feeling of falling in love with this sweet floral fragrance. Create a romantic mood wit..

Cherry Blossoms (RD)

Take a whiff of this alluring scent from the most celebrated flower in Japan. Let the soft floral fr..

Citronella (RD)

Induce a happy and fresh feeling with this natural insect repellant scent. Feel safe with citronella..

Cranberry Wine (RD)

A sharp and tart fragrance which perfectly blooms in fullness. Bring back the cheerful holiday spiri..

Eucalyptus (RD)

An intoxicating fresh scent that aids in opening the chest air passages for better congestion and be..

Fresh Cut Grass (RD)

A green scent that reminds one of the countryside at dawn, a game at the park or sunny Sunday mornin..

Ginger Flower (RD)

Awaken your passionate spirit with an exotic floral fragrance. Find your space defined with the so..

Jasmine (RD)

Associated with the "sacral chakra", this soothing scent opens up creativity and enthusiasm. Bring o..

Lavender (RD)

A calming effect that does wonders for those with anxious and hurried lives. Touted as a natural sle..

Lemon (RD)

A lovely bright sparkling note that stimulates cheerful thoughts. Lemon is a fragrance reminiscent o..

Lemon Grass (RD)

From India and Sri Lanka’s tall perennial grass comes a scent that helps in muscle relaxation. Shoo ..