Trial size version of FAVORI Reed Diffusers
Comes in all existing scent variants
Available in 50ml frosted white bottles

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Olive Branch (RD)

Make peace with inner turmoils with this nurturing scent. Olive Branch is a prized Mediterranean fra..

Peppermint (RD)

While it cools  you down, the aroma of peppermint promotes vigor and mental alertness. Relaxin..

Pink Grapefruit (RD)

A sweet and crisp scent for balancing feelings. Pink Grapefruit will melt away sour moods making you..

Rain Dance (RD)

Feel the ethereal essence of this cleansing scent. As raindrops fall to the ground, new life begins...

Sea Breeze (RD)

One of our best sellers. Hold on to summer and nautical memories with a wave of serenity in a clean,..

Sunkissed Citrus (RD)

Change a gloomy mood to a warm feeling with Sunkissed Citrus. This zesty scent connects with positiv..

The Vert (RD)

Experience an ethereal balance which transports you to rolling fields of green tea. A stylish, faint..

Tropical Blast (RD)

Feel the summer vibe with vibrant Topical Blast. Blended with fun to bring you sunshine and happines..

Vanilla (RD)

Soothingly warm, this fragrance gives out a homey and pleasurable feeling. Vanilla is considered as ..

Verveine Fleur (RD)

Be whisked away to a midsummer stroll in the markets of Provence where baskets of freshly harvested ..

Winter Mint (RD)

Be taken away to a winter wonderland with this minty scent. Create a sense of cool while it lets you..