100% Pure Essential Oils Complete Set of 6
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Product Code: Complete Set of 6 100% Pure Essential Oils
Complete set of six (6) 100% Pure Essential Oils for those who 
  simply want to have access to all Essential Oils at any given time.
This consists of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint,
  Roman Chamomile & Tea Tree.
>  EUCALYPTUS : its warming effect is great for relieving aches and
pains while its sharp aroma is an effective decongestant, increases
concentration and lifts feelings of depression.
> LAVENDER : a versatile and popular Essential Oil, whose calming 
properties is particularly known for its ability to relax and promote 
restful sleep. Its soothing effects also make it an effective skin healer.
 > LEMON : its properties are found to be antiseptic, astringent, 
bacteriostatic, and rejuvenating. It has also been found effective 
in cases of skin care, anxiety and digestive problems. 
> PEPPERMINT : it is well-known for its cooling and refreshing                              
characteristics. Its stimulating and analgesic properties make it an 
effective remedy for muscular pains and headaches, and acts as a 
very good mental stimulant.
  > ROMAN CHAMOMILE : endowed with an overall calming effect for
the stressed mind and tense body. This therapeutic profile renders it
useful in gently overcoming feelings of anxiousness and restlessness
and trouble sleeping.
> TEA TREE : its powerful antiseptic properties have been proven
effective against a range of bacteria and fungi that can lead to
infection. It also has a strong deodorizing action and is a very popular
 ingredient in skin remedies.