100% Pure Essential Oils Starter Set of 3
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Three (3) basic 100% Pure Essential Oils for those who may want to
keep stock of just the basics in their arsenal or for those who are  
simply starting out their Essential Oil jouney.     
This consists of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint.
> LAVENDER : a versatile and popular Essential Oil, whose calming 
properties is particularly known for its ability to relax and promote 
restful sleep. Its soothing effects also make it an effective skin 
treatment and healer.
 > LEMON : its properties are found to be antiseptic, astringent, 
bacteriostatic, and rejuvenating. It has also been found effective 
in cases of skin care, anxiety and digestive problems. 
> PEPPERMINT : it is well-known for its cooling and refreshing                              
characteristics. Its stimulating and analgesic properties make it an 
effective remedy for muscular pains and headaches, and acts as a 
very good mental stimulant.