UV-Clean Air Plus
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Introducing the FAVORI UV-Clean Air+
The UV-Clean Air+ is an best installed inlow air flow areas.It uses a powerful that passes through the unit.
It is a well-known fact that UV-C is an effective disinfection technology, and is capable to inactivate the novel Coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.
How does the UV-Clean Air+ work?
UV-C deactivates microbes by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, which inactivates them and leaves them incapacitated. After a short exposure to UV-C light, microbes are unable to perform their vital function to replicate and spread.
Room air passing through the small internal chamber of the is exposed to the fully enclosed non-ozone generating UV-C light
which deactivates harmfu
l microbes before releasing “cleansed” air into the environment. Moreover, actual UV-C light is not emitted into the area,so humans, plants, and pets are safe and won’t see UV radiation nor will be exposed to it.
The UV-Clean Air+ is best used in areas where there is high risk for exposure to SARS-COV-2 like condo units with few windows, small offices, elevators, or rooms and bathrooms without windows or proper ventilation. "Kulob" spaces are best addressed with this type of UV-C air cleansing technology.
Air Quality Monitor + HEPA + Scenting
The includes an with a CO2/VOC PPM (parts per million) sensor. A red light warns you of CO2 levels of 1,000 PPM or more, indicating air quality is deteriorating, so you can open a window for fresh air flow, or reduce the number of people in the room. Normal CO2 levels usually register at 350-450 PPM, while 1500-2000 PPM is considered unsafe or critical.
A true is also installed as an added purification measure, while Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) are reduced up to 99% w/ UV-C air cleaning.You can also can enhance your mood by dispersing your favorite FAVORI Burner Aroma Oils via the at the top of the unit. There are over 30 fragrances to choose from.
SIZE H 50in x W 4in x D 2in
WEIGHT 2.5 kg
BULB Japan-made UV-C Tube
(Bulb lifespan approx. 2 to 3 years with 8 to 12 hours daily use)

Use the with the stand, vertically using mounting holes at the back, or place horizontally on a shelf or table. Let us know which type you prefer when placing an order.
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