Sale Aerator + Aroma Oil Bundle (1 Green Leaf Aerator + 4-50ml Aroma Oils)
₱3,960.00 ₱2,500.00
Ex Tax: ₱2,500.00
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Product Code: AAGRE-001
Choice of 2 Aerator/Diffuser Aroma Oils c/o Customer while the other 2 will be c/o FAVORI.

Please enter your choice of two (2) Aerator/Diffuser Aroma Oil variants in the "ADD COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR ORDER" box in the Delivery Method page after Checkout.

If you happen to write more than 2 variants, we will only honor the first 2 variants; on the other hand, if you do not type anything on the space, we will take it to mean that you will leave the choice to us.

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