Capsule Diffuser + 2-50ml Aroma Oils (one from Refreshing, Relaxing, Sexy or Upbeat Aroma Collections, and one from Bestseller or Luxury Aroma Collections)
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Please enter your choice of two (2) Aerator/Diffuser Aroma Oil variants  in the "ADD COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR ORDER" box in the Delivery Method page after Checkout.


*Choose two (2) variants from any of the scent variants under these Aroma Collections :


Lemon/Lemon Grass/Pink Grapefruit/Rain Dance/The Vert/Verveine Fleur/Winter Mint


Baby Touch/Citronella/Jasmine/Magnolia Bloom/Olive Branch/Vanilla


Berry Kiss/Bouquet Floral/Cherry Blossoms/Ginger Flower 


Apple Verde/Mango Mandarin/Merry Berry/Sunkissed Citrus


Cranberry Wine/Eucalyptus/Fresh Cut Grass/ Lavender/Peppermint/Sea Breeze


Blissful Essence/Oriental Delight/Passion Fire/Quaint Town/Sunset Bay/Warm Sunshine


Comes in full gift packaging (gift bag, ribbon, tissue & gift card). A grand gesture for the special ones in your Christmas list.


Choose the GRANDE Gift Package for gifts Php 3,980 & UP.

**During shipping, pls note that Gift Package materials like gift bag, tissue, ribbon & gift tag will only be enclosed in the package. Since the FAVORI products will be individually sealed (as protection during shipping), please don't forget to unwrap the products first before you place them inside the gift bag together with the tissue, ribbon & gift tag. Now you're ready to gift them away!


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