Thank you @favoriscents ❤️❤️❤️
Kim Gan,
Thank you @favoriscents sa gift ❤️????
Thank you so much po @favoriscents it's so relaxing???? & i❤️the scents ????my mom love's it too ???? @peachycleyas
Jana Agoncillo,
Oh Salve, u give me peace???????? @favoriscents
Bea Santiago,
Baby girl modeling for our favourite house of scents @favoriscents ???? if you have dogs like me you definitely need to call Favori! In love with lavender and eucalyptus???? #rosiethepom #dogsofinstagr am #pomeranian #model #dog #babygirl #ourfirstdog
Bea Santiago,
Relaxing and smells so fresh by @favoriscents ????☘️
Janicel Lubina,
Out the whole day? Worry no more! My life saver???? @favoriscents #FavoriPh #CreateYourFavouriteFeeling
Bea Santiago,
Excited to use this Aerator and aroma oils from @favoriscents. #FavoriPh #CreateYourFavoriteFeeling ????????????????❤️
Paolo Balesteros,
Thank you @favoriscents for this water revitalisor/air purifier. I tried the Fresh Cut Grass scent and I love it. Will try the other frangrance oil soon. ???? #Createyourfavoritefeeling by visiting #Favori outlets (Megamall, Southmall, SM Marikina, Market Market& Robinson's Manila)
Ara Mina,
Freshly cut grass" is my fave @favoriscents so far. Loving the relaxing feel it gives to our home and business. Excited to mix and match some scents. ???????????????? #Favoriscents #Favori #Createyourfavoritefeeling
Helga Krapf,
Such a fancy diffuser! Not sure whether I want to put this in the lounge or in Primo's room since I can also use it as a night light for the little boy ???? Love it! Thank you @iamangelaquino and @jactripon ???? Angelitaaaa!!! I miss yoooou!!! #CreateYourFavouriteFeeling #FavoriPH @favoriscents
Iya Villania-Arellano,
Just what I need in the condo!! Thank you @favoriscents for sending me your water revitalisor/air purifier that helps clean the air while making it smell good!???? I can't wait to create my favorite feeling by combining two of the eight oils you sent!???? I think I will try the cool feeling first (Pink Grapefruit and The Vert)???? #createyourfavoritefeeling by visiting your nearest #Favori outlets now (Megamall,Southmall,SM Marikina, Market Market, & Robinson's Manila)☀️ A post shared by Say Alonzo (@sayalonzo) on Jul 17, 2016 at 7:53pm PDT
Say Alonzo,
Got an early birthday pressie from a long time friend, Angelita!???? And my does it smell sooo good!❤ Really enjoying all the good smelling scents from air sprays, aroma oils and the really cute chick diffuser!???? Love all the scents from @favoriscents!❤ #createyourfavoritefeeling #favoriPH