Ideal for small rooms
Provides continuous fragrance
Comes with "no-flip" porous sticks at no additional costs

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Blissful Essence (RD)

A light and comforting scent that brings all that makes you happy rise up to the surface. Mood:..

Oriental Delight (RD)

A mix of floral fragrances that lets you escape to exotic destinations.Mood: Escape ..

Passion Fire (RD)

A bold herbaceous scent that inspires adventure for your wandering feet and soul.Mood: Bol..

Quaint Town (RD)

An attractive aroma reminiscent of wandering around a charming old town.Mood: Attractive ..

Sunset Bay (RD)

A vibrant scent that makes us feel alive for that new day to come. Mood: Alive ..

Warm Sunshine (RD)

A scent that will lift your mood so you see and enjoy the brilliance of life Mood: Bril..

Apple Verde (RD)

For those who like the scent of green apples and can’t make it to the boondocks, this will help impr..

Baby Touch - Gentle (RD)

A clean and fresh baby powder scent with a hint of floral notes, Baby Touch brings back childhood me..

Berry Kiss (RD)

Delight in the sweet scent of berries with Berry Kiss, a playful and romantic scent perfect for..

Bouquet Floral - Romantic (RD)

Relish that feeling of falling in love with this sweet floral fragrance. Create a romantic mood wit..

Cherry Blossoms (RD)

Take a whiff of this alluring scent from the most celebrated flower in Japan. Let the soft floral fr..

Citronella (RD)

Induce a happy and fresh feeling with this natural insect repellant scent. Feel safe with citronella..

Cranberry Wine (RD)

A sharp and tart fragrance which perfectly blooms in fullness. Bring back the cheerful holiday spiri..