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50ml Air Spray - 3 pcs

50ml Air Spray - 3 pcs

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- Spritz away odors and uplift one's mood with FAVORI Air Sprays. They contain antimicrobial properties and do not stain.

- This MOYEN Gift Package contains three (3) 50ml Air Sprays from any of the ACTIVITY, HOME or MOOD Air Sprays Collection. It also comes with a gift bag, ribbon, tissue & gift tag.

- Choose any three (3) variants from the following Air Sprays :

> ACTIVITY Deodorizing Air Sprays : Exercise Gear, Sports & Gym, Travel & Car, Yoga Mat > HOME Deodorizing Air Sprays : Bathroom Doodoo, Cooking Smell, Pet Odor, Tobacco Smoke

> MOOD Room & Linen Sprays : Refreshing, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Revitalizing
HOW TO USE : Shake well before use. Hold bottle upright, aiming away from yourself. Spray towards the air 2 to 3 seconds at a time. Repeat as needed.

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