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Vim Diffuser Device+50ml AD Aroma Oils - 2 pcs

Vim Diffuser Device+50ml AD Aroma Oils - 2 pcs

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- Feeling extravagant? Go for a set that combines a Vim Diffuser with 2-50ml Aerator/Diffuser (AD) Aroma Oils. It also comes with a gift bag, ribbon, tissue & gift tag.
- This GRANDE Gift Package contains one (1) Vim Diffuser + two (2) 50ml Aerator/Diffuser (AD) Aroma Oils from any of the BESTSELLER, LUXURY, REFRESHING, RELAXING, SEXY, and UPBEAT Aroma Collections. It also comes with a gift bag, ribbon, tissue & gift tag.
- For the Aerator/Diffuser (AD) Aroma Oils, choose any 2 (two) variants from the following :
> BESTSELLER Aroma Collection : Cranberry Wine, Eucalyptus, Fresh Cut Grass, Lavender, Peppermint, Sea Breeze
> LUXURY Aroma Collection : Blissful Essence, Oriental Delight, Passion Fire, Quaint Town, Sunset Bay, Warm Sunshine
> REFRESHING Aroma Collection : Cool Bamboo, Lemon, Lemon Grass, Pink Grapefruit, Rain Dance, The Vert, Verveine Fleur, Winter Mint
> RELAXING Aroma Collection : Baby Touch, Citronella, Citron Verveine, Jasmin, Magnolia Bloom, Olive Branch, Olive Forest, Vanilla
> SEXY Aroma Collection : Berry Kiss, Cherry Blossoms, Ginger Flower, Sandalwood, Peach Raspberry, Vanilla Burst, Wild Bergamot
> UPBEAT Aroma Collection : Apple Verde, Double Mint, Coffee Lover, Mango Mandarin, Merry Berry, Orange Peel, Sunkissed Citrus
USAGE TIP : The recommended no. of Aroma Oil drops to be poured into a Diffuser Device should be equivalent to the no. of SQM of space to be scented.

1.Remove the top cover and set aside.
2. Fill tank with water until the highest water line or MAX level, then add desired
Aroma Oil, keeping in mind the recommended quantities.
3.Put the top cover back on then plug the power cord to a wall socket.
4.Press the “Mist” button to start diffusing. When applicable, press again
to select the timer in 60, 180 or 360 minutes, or choose to keep it “ON”.
[focus on green light indicators while choosing].
5.Press the “Light” button to choose anywhere from six (6) to eight (8) relaxing
light colors depending on the Diffuser device model.
6. Whenever water runs out, a beeping sound will be heard to signal an empty
water tank.

1 .When replacing water, make sure to tip the device towards the drain side
[look for its indicator] so the bottom mechanism does not get wet.
2. Always disconnect the main cord from the electrical outlet before removing
the top cover.
3. Do not submerge the top cover into water or wash under a running tap.
4. Do not use any chemical to clean the equipment; use tap water only.
5. It is recommended to clean the equipment specially the top cover using
a clean, damp cloth once or twice a month.
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