Corporate Scenting


(via the FAVORI Scent Delivery System or SDS)

Fully Customized Scent Diffusion for Commercial Spaces

FAVORI’s Scent Delivery System (SDS) consists of industrial-grade scenting machine units and aroma oil refills with a coverage of 100sqm and above. Our SDS is a cost-effective solution for large spaces as it does not require constant refills because the machines can be programmed to diffuse at specific times only and the diffusion duration (number of seconds/minutes the aroma is released) can also be customized. We offer Lease, Lease to Own and Purchase Options.

SDS can be used in spaces such as:

  • Corporate Offices and Buildings
  • Retail Stores and Malls
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Salon, Spa and Fitness Centers
  • Real Estate and Car Showrooms
  • Entertainment and Events Venues
  • Public & Transport Facilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Airlines & Airports