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Sports & Gym Deodorizing Air Spray (AS)

Sports & Gym Deodorizing Air Spray (AS)

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Air spray for use on handles of gym equipment or towards the air
to remove unpleasant odors while doing sports.

From the ACTIVITY Air Spray Collection, this line helps improve one's
environment by eliminating unpleasant odors arising from travel or
physical activities.
Serves as a quick fix for certain odor problems during workout, sports,
yoga, or travel that's fast-acting, effective and easy to use.
Contains anti-microbial properties that prevent the mutliplication of
bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses in the air.

Shake well before use.
Hold bottle upright, aiming away from yourself.
Spray 2 to 3 seconds at a time towards handles of gym equipment and
allow to air-dry, or towards the air during a sports activity.
Repeat as needed.

Do not spray directly onto skin, clothes, food or pets.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.

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