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Jasmine Aroma Pouch (AP)

Jasmine Aroma Pouch (AP)

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Fragrance pouches with lasting fragrance reminiscent of moments of
laughter, innocence & love with Angel's Favorites in Jasmine, Lavender
and Vanilla.
Associated with the "sacral chakra", the soothing scent of Jasmine
opens up creativity and enthusiasm. Bring out euphoric feelings of love
and experience comfort while reducing anxiety with the Jasmine scent.

Cheaper alternative to scent closets, drawers, bathroom under sink or
laundry area at home, you can even place these pouches under your
pillow as you sleep; you can also use them to scent your gym bag or
luggage or place them in the car.
Nice-smelling & environment-friendly; it's a very practical way of
infusing soothing scents both at home or when on the go.

For closets, drawers, bathroom under sink : simply place the Aroma
Pouches inside
For laundry area : simply toss the Aroma Pouches onto clean clothes & linen
For sleeping : place the Aroma Pouches under your pillow
For your gym bag or luggage : toss the Aroma Pouches inside
For the car : use the Aroma Pouch as a car freshener.

Lasts approximately 1 to 2 months

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