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Peach Raspberry Hanging Aroma Diffuser (HAD)

Peach Raspberry Hanging Aroma Diffuser (HAD)

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The perfect way to infuse any space with your favorite aromas. Designed for convenience and style, this diffuser releases a refreshing aroma when hung in your room's air conditioner vent, car's rearview mirror, or any small space.

This compact and portable diffuser is perfect for closets, drawers, luggage, or even under your pillow, providing a lasting fragrance for up to 1-2 months. Its discreet design ensures that any space can be freshened up with ease.

Simply unscrew the wooden top, remove the plastic plug, and reattach the top. Gently tilt to let the oil absorb into the wood, then hang it on your room’s air conditioner vent, car’s rearview mirror, or any cozy corner. Enjoy a refreshing burst of aroma wherever you go!

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