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Roman Chamomile 100% Pure Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Keep calm with FAVORI’s 100% Pure Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.
Warm and sweet ROMAN CHAMOMILE has a gentle calming effect
useful in overcoming feelings of restlessness and trouble sleeping.

Best to inhale to calm a stressed mind and body, or ease headaches.
Also known as the “kid calmer” for helping children to calm down.
Roman Chamomile is one of the most gentle essential oils, diluted oil
can be applied to the back of neck or bottoms of the feet.

100% Pure. Imported from France.

FAVORI's 100% Pure Essential Oils can be closely inhaled or applied topically
on the skin, providing specific therapeutic benefits to one's psychological
and physical health.

As a topical or as a rub, it will need to be diluted with our Sweet Almond
Carrier Oil and placed inside our Roller Bottles.

For inhalation, it will need our Inhalation Stick or Diffuser Device to allow

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