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Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

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Known for its great moisturizing properties, the Sweet Almond Oil is
one of the best carrier oils that can enhance essential oils and help
maximize benefits and optimal results.

Since Essential Oils are concentrated, there is a need to dilute
them into carrier oil. This process will help "carry" the oils into the
skin for better absorption, allow it to spread further and protect
the skin from irritation.

For facial applications, a 1% or less dilution is recommended. For massage 
oils, we recommend a 2% dilution. If used in the bath, we recommend
3% dilution.
1% dilution is equivalent to 2 drops of Essential Oil, 2% dilution is 4 drops of
Essential Oil while 3% dilution is 6 drops of Essential in a 10ml Roller Bottle.

Note that when using essential oils with children, there are more precautions
to consider.

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