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The Vert Mini Reed Diffuser (MRD)

The Vert Mini Reed Diffuser (MRD)

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Experience an ethereal balance which transports you to rolling fields of Green Tea (The Vert). A stylish, faintly sweet impression that is both cleansing and refreshing.
Ideal for small spaces, it also serves as a nice decorative piece.

Ideal for small spaces, it also serves as a nice decorative piece.
Contains anti-microbial properties and long-lasting.
Uses fiber reed sticks made of porous fiber material that disperses
aroma more easily into the air.
Economical & safe : no need for electricity therefore not a fire hazard.
Convenient : does not need constant reed diffuser oil refills.

The Vert is also available in Aerator/Diffuser and Burner Aroma Oils.

1.Unscrew the silver cap from the mouth of the bottle and take out the airtight white stopper.
2. Replace the silver cap and place the black fiber reed sticks onto the bottle
one at a time.
3. Allow all the black fiber reed sticks to sit in the oil inside the bottle between
10 to 15 minutes, then flip over to expose the wet portion.
4. By this time, both ends would have already been saturated with oil to hasten
the release of fragrant-smelling aroma.
5.Since capillary action is inherent in fiber type of reed sticks because of its
porous nature, there is no need to frequently flip over the sticks.
6. However, should one prefer stronger scent or once the exposed portion
dries out, it is recommended to again flip over the reed sticks.
7. Use over a paper tower to avoid oil drips.
8. Approximately lasts 1 to 2 weeks depending on size of area and

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